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Volunteers are a driving force behind all that the Chamber accomplishes each year. From coordinating networking events to overseeing the Chamber’s economic development efforts, volunteers provide the critical resources needed to help the Chamber serve its members.

Volunteers serve on our event groups (also called ad hoc committees) that only meet a few times a year and those who serve on our standing committees that meet monthly.  They enable the Chamber to provide services that strengthen the economic vitality and quality of life in our region by generating economic development, influencing public policy, and providing services that help our local businesses prosper and grow. These committees are also a great way to meet fellow members, network and contribute to the community.  They’re a great way to share your expertise and increase your company’s visibility.

Chamber volunteer opportunities are open to all associates and employees of Chamber member companies and organizations. Previous year’s volunteers and committee members usually are encouraged to repeat their service in subsequent years.  For more information on where you fit in or to discuss the committee, activity, and event opportunities, just call the Chamber office at (517) 676-1046.

The following are reasons given by the over 300 people who volunteer to be part of the Chamber’s various leadership teams each year.  Certainly, several of these reasons will also be good reasons for you to also be involved:

  • Favorably impact our community’s quality of life
  • Make and maintain professional contacts
  • Gain recognition for my organization
  • Learn and develop leadership skills
  • Gain valuable transferable skills
  • Socialize and have fun
  • Increase activity to improve health
  • Meet new and interesting people
  • Enjoy cultural, educational and recreational events
  • Feel needed and valued by peers
  • Make a difference in the lives of people
  • Express gratitude for what I’ve received

While member businesses and organizations sponsor many Chamber activities and events, the Chamber depends on individual volunteers like you to contribute their time and energy in making things happen.  If you have enjoyed networking events such as Good Morning, Mason!, the Awards Dinner, the annual Raffle, our golf outing, the holiday party, or our member mixers, you have benefited from the value created by the hard work of volunteers.

In addition, individuals organize and work on other events that are of value to the community, such as the Independence Day Celebration, Thursday Night Live!, the Christmas Tree Lighting and Lighted Parade, and other special events.  Those events add value to businesses by enhancing the quality of life in our community.  Contact the Chamber office and volunteer today to get in on the action! Fill out the form below and return it to MACC, 148 E. Ash Street, Mason, MI 48854 or fax it to (517) 676-8504.  We’ll contact you about upcoming meetings.


MACC Board of Directors

Board members are elected for three-year terms.  The Board currently meets the first Friday after the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 AM.  Chamber officers that are elected by the Board each year (and must be members of the Board) are president, vice president and treasurer.  With the immediate past president, these officers are the Executive Committee, meeting the Wednesday before Board meetings at 9:00 AM. The Executive Committee also receives the reports of the Annual Awards Committee and the Scholarship Committee.  The Chamber’s executive director serves as secretary to the Board.

2018 Board A Roster

MACC Standing Committees

Committees are determined by the Board.  Chairs are appointed by the president with the consent of the Board.  Committees have volunteer members, often recruited by the committee chair. Traditionally, Board members chair each standing committee and all Board members are also members of one or more standing committees.  Committees have variable numbers of members – usually ranging from six to twelve people at each committee meeting.  The current four standing committees meet every month during the entire year and make their reports directly to the Board of Directors.  They are:

Membership Services – charged with being a resource to serve the needs of Chamber members and the business community, the Membership Service Committee is the group dealing with policy issues regarding membership dues and conditions, member services and benefits, management education and training, and with Chamber development activities.  They receive the reports of the Raffle Committee and the Strategic and Tactical Planning Committee, as major operational activities of the Chamber.

Ambassadors – charged with providing leadership to bring attention to and increase the vitality of the Chamber and the community, the Ambassadors Committee is the group dealing with implementation issues regarding member networking activities, welcoming new businesses, planning for hospitality, and providing active assistance with such activities.  Members represent the both Chamber and the Mason area community, so they have a good knowledge of local resources.  They receive the reports of the MACC Golf Classic Committee, the Good Morning Mason Committee, and the Member Mixer Committee, as major networking activities of the Chamber.

Economic Development – charged with supporting the facilitation and promotion of economic development in the Mason area, this is the group dealing with policy issues regarding local economic conditions, use of land and infrastructure, promoting the growth of existing businesses, tracking available business space, and attracting needed new business to the Mason area.

Hometown USA – charged with encouraging local commerce of all kinds – retail, service, and manufacturing – with an integrated community identity, this is the group dealing with policy issues regarding community events, quality of life, improvement of marketing by members, strengthening business capacities, promotion of member-to-member purchases, community image campaigns, and improvement of the local business climate. They receive the reports of the Spring Fling/Down Home Days Committee, the Independence Day Celebration Committee, the Mason Holidays Celebration (Christmas Tree Lighting/Lighted Parade) Committee, and the Thursday Night Live Committee, as major community identity activities of the Chamber.


MACC Special Event (AD HOC) Committees and Volunteer Service Opportunities

There are also several essential ad hoc committees, who have members that don’t meet all year long.  They assist staff in making implementation decisions and providing active assistance in putting on a particular Chamber-sponsored or hosted event. These committees meet as necessary (usually three or four times per year) and make their reports to standing committees.  Additional volunteers are recruited by committee members to assist at the events.  The Chamber’s executive director or administrative assistant serve as secretaries to ad hoc committees.  Currently, the ad hoc committees are:

Good Morning Mason! Committee (Reports to the Ambassadors Committee)
These popular “news and networking” events are held six times each year.  They are held the last Thursday of the month in February, April, June, August, October, and also on a mid-December Thursday.  Each program runs from 7:15 to 8:15 AM at the Ingham County Fairgrounds Community Building.  Major sponsors are encouraged to involve their key employees in volunteering for these events.  Volunteers needed to arrange for speakers at the events, set up tables, chairs, etc. the afternoon before, to assist at check in, to sell 50/50 raffle tickets, and to clean up between 8:15 and 8:30 AM.

MACC Annual Awards Committee (Reports to the Executive Committee)
The Annual Awards Committee solicits nominations and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee for Citizen of the Year, Excellence in Business, Excellence in Education, President’s Award, and Special Recognition awards.  The Awards Dinner takes place on a selected Wednesday evening in the first part of February at the Eldorado Golf Course Banquet Facility beginning with 5:30 PM social hour and 6:30 dinner.  Volunteers are needed for set-up, cleanup, and to assist with check-in.  Board members volunteer for hosting and announcing.

Spring Fling and Down Home Days Committee (Reports to the Hometown USA Committee)
Spring Fling is held on the weekend surrounding the first Saturday of May and Down Home Days is on the weekend surrounding the third Saturday of September.  The Saturday Shows are both are set up early around the Courthouse square including the adjacent parts of Maple Street and southbound Barnes and are open from 9 AM to 4:30 PM. The shows prompt other groups to hold activities in Mason on those weekends.  Planning for coordination is done by this group.  Currently being done by the Mason Public Schools Foundation, people are needed for layout and booth marking the day before and people are needed beginning at 6:00 AM to assist vendors in setup.  Ambassadors are needed in shifts to host a visitor’s center booth. Volunteers are also needed to sell raffle trickets.

Member Mixers Committee (Reports to the Ambassadors Committee)
A variety of evening events are planned for various times of the year depending on perceived interest, to promote additional networking and member-to-member interaction.  The most popular event is the annual December Mixer Holiday Party in the first week or so of December.  A variety of volunteers are needed to help plan and host these events.  Depending on the type of event, the number of volunteers range from six to 30.  Major sponsors are encouraged to involve their key employees in volunteering for these events.

Thursday Night Live! Committee (Reports to the Hometown USA Committee)
Live musical performances on the Ingham County Courthouse square on eight select Thursday evenings May through September from 6:00 to 7:30 PM.  Volunteers needed beginning at 4:00 to assist performers and sponsors with any concerns in setup or takedown on the west lawn, to distribute programs, and to be available to answer audience questions during and after the concert. Volunteers are also needed to sell raffle tickets.

MACC Golf Classic Committee (Reports to the Ambassadors Committee)
This annual event is held on the fourth Thursday in July to promote networking and member-to-member interaction.  A variety of volunteers are needed, from people to set out tee signs to the announcer for prize winners.  The total number of volunteers ranges from 10 to 20 people.  Sponsors are encouraged to involve their key employees in volunteering for this event.  Volunteers are also needed to sell raffle tickets.

Independence Day Celebration Committee (Reports to the Hometown USA Committee) 
This is the annual Fourth of July celebration in downtown Mason.  The Chamber assists in sponsoring an old car show downtown during the daytime and also hosts the traditional evening parade at 7:30 PM.  Firefighters and others host the fireworks at the Fairgrounds after dark.  All events are planned and operated by members of the committee and other individuals and groups they recruit.  There are a variety of volunteer jobs, especially in the area of parade safety.  A number of volunteers are needed, both at the High School staging area beginning at 5 PM and downtown beginning at 6 PM. Volunteers are also needed to sell raffle tickets.

Raffle Committee (Reports to the Membership Services Committee)
This is an activity that goes on February through October, culminating in an evening drawing Thursday evening the second week of October.  The activity and event is planned by the committee with the assistance of other volunteers.  Raffle tickets are sold for $20 and many, many  volunteers are needed to sell tickets at all possible area events.  A variety of jobs are done by many volunteers before, during, and after the raffle.

Christmas Tree Lighting & Lighted Parade

Mason Holidays Celebration Committee (Reports to the Hometown USA Committee)
This is an annual Chamber-sponsored celebration in Cobblestone Village and downtown Mason in the afternoon and evening of the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Planned and operated by members of the Holiday Celebration Committee and other individuals and groups they recruit, there are a variety of many volunteer jobs, especially in the area of entertainment and parade safety.

MACC Community Service Scholarship Committee (Reports to the Executive Committee)
The Community Service Scholarship is awarded by the Chamber to a deserving Mason High School graduating senior each year in May.  In April, the committee prioritizes candidates, based on criteria exemplifying volunteer community service.  The Chamber president or their designee makes the presentation at the school’s annual awards ceremony.


Volunteer/Sponsorship Interest Form

Attention Chamber Members: Please let us know which Chamber and community events you are interested in supporting. Checking the blank to the left of each event only indicates your interest, not your commitment. We will then contact you with more information about these sponsorship and value opportunities. Commitments by some businesses and organizations for sponsorship opportunities may have already been made and may no be longer available. Previous year’s sponsors usually have the right of first refusal for subsequent years.